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Old Zyrardów

© Rem

Zyrardów photos, old and new, black and white and color ...


Hover the cursor over the image to see the current view.

To see the difference by moving the cursor over the image next to him.

Electrical Technical, probably 88?

Universal Central Workers' Cooperative Grocers

Former Liberty Square now John Paul II Square

Former Gymnasium Stefan Zeromski

Primary School No. 2

Housing Zeromski

Street Beautiful summer 1975 by the same camera only has a different :)

Hover the cursor over the image to see the current view.

Liberty Square - now John Paul II Square

Chopin Street Building 2, view from the "włókiennika"

Industry Plant Flax, entrance from the street Limanowskiego. Due to the lack of entry into the "nearest exchange office" photo taken from street level.


Street Zeromski

Street Zeromski

Primary School No. 7 and a random sign of the times in the lower right corner.
A gray horse turned into a dark blue car :) In the background is the construction of the block where once there was a restaurant and then a bank.

City Park - Bridge Street. Limanowskiego

The former Post Office

Bridge on the River Street Stefan Zeromski. A bridge my mom and her friends :)

Industry Plant Flax - Currency

The former Marchlewskiego and Chopin. This kiosk Life Zyrardów cost 50 cents :)

Street 1 May

Housing East, the 70

Housing East, the 70

And another portion zdjęć.Dziesięć photos, adding a trifle took six hours :)
Comments are welcome. 28.06.2013.

Years 60, Villa Dietrich in the City Park with the author in the foreground :)

Years 60, ul Zeromski overlooking the old church "German"

Construction of a tunnel 60s

The tunnel already running.

Former Main Post Office building on the street 1 May.

Railway station in the Żyrardow.

Railway station, general view.

Bank, a unique building but one gets the impression that unfinished. Half a bank :)

Flax Processing Plant

Flax Processing Plant

Soon there will be more photographs.
I invite you again.

And here's map of 1803, and was made Zyrardów 30 years later:
Square D III

Other photos:

Here the galley with photos old, 100 year old :)


  1. czesio544 writes:

    Good idea with these fotkami : D

  2. Aneta writes:

    Congratulations to the beautiful sites, but something is missing here :)

  3. Lidia Wilkowska writes:

    Thanks for the great pics.
    Can I ask about the placement of this building at ul. Chopin 2? .... I was born there.

    Thank you. :)

  4. Zbyszek writes:

    Super site! Congratulations!

  5. Dorothy writes:

    Excellent! Also its time I did a few such photos, but here they are wonderfully summarized :)

  6. Rosh writes:

    I like it very much - congratulations

  7. pawelbiega writes:

    Very cool idea with these photos. The changes are impressive. Sam a few years ago, I liked to walk around the city (and the lofts) with the camera :)

    Regards and best wishes for a Happy New Year!

  8. © Rem writes:

    Thank you for your kind words. I still have some pics for treatment, the most difficult facing the church but surely, and there also I can go - it's like a jump from the stratosphere :)

  9. Andrzej Wojciechowski writes:

    Photos Zyrardów many years ago are impressive.
    Image building "Electrics" is made before 1967.
    In the book "Guide to the historical and tourist m.Żyrardowa" published in 1967, is a picture of the same building and it is plastered, so your image must be made in advance. Sam guide to getting in Żyrardowski museum in the price of 3 zł. I would recommend. I bought 3 days ago :-)

    • © Rem writes:

      Photo from personal archive, but actually I did not know the exact date of his execution. Guide historical and tourist m.Żyrardowa - have - such as photographs contained therein price 3 zł is surprising :)

  10. mlk writes:

    Great pictures :)

    and whether preserved some old pictures of the palace that is in the CPP at Chopin?

    Took over a beautiful building and it devastated, someone should take care of it in the end.


    • © Rem writes:

      Unfortunately, no pictures "palace" although I have not lived a few meters next to him :) Long ago, there were Nature Film Studio. From what I remember, there were also rabbits, but even at the time MILITIA and orchard with trees "kosztelowymi" :) Sam giving the hominoid them ... these rabbits, of course!

  11. Rad writes:

    Super photographs. Zwłascza Zyrardow establishments. You see it was this spirit of working-class city. Location of buildings, like a single, coherent whole. All perfectly combined, harmonizes, transition connectors between buildings, gates, paths draft. It looks like a big military base. Incidentally, I would like to have the mock-up, a faithful replica of the plants ... the rest I do not think I have one.
    One more thing, do you have any pictures of the 70/80. For example, the construction of settlements East, skyscrapers of downtown.
    I remember once on the building of the current NOVUM, were the showcases with pictures of those times. Looking for more photos of these statues / monuments, one looked like a roll cliche, was on Freedom Square, and the second if the earthly sphere with a bird, or butterfly, opposite resursy.

    • © Rem writes:

      Indeed, many would want to have the mock-up, especially with the "choo-choo" and steaming chimneys :)
      A "roll cliché" is a monument of the canoe weaving, unless it was about covering the view of the Parish Church.
      Photo of the construction of a housing "East" soon will put, this is the view from the tannery. Visible skyscraper where once there was a government (now Hummingbird) and two blocks to complete wilderness :)

      • Rad writes:

        Thank you for subsequent insertions.
        Alleged cliche, it was actually a canoe weaving, named as remembered from childhood :), it disappeared from the square probably in the early 90's. In contrast, East settlement ... waiting their good work :) Shot unless the Workers' Unity Street. Ul.Izy Zielinska overgrown with weeds.
        How will you have any pics of the city from the years 70/80, please throw. Nowhere can hardly be found, such as
        Building a chimney power plant at Okrzei, wielkopłytowce, flax / bleachery / POLMOS os.Żeromskiego, center, Batory general, what were the shops then, the May 1 marches, etc. :)


        • © Rem writes:

          More specifically, it is the photograph was taken at the intersection of tears Zielinska and current Workers' Unity. Proceeded that way a modern way, unless the idea racjonalizatorki survived many years in perfect condition :) I mean the way lined with concrete slabs :)
          As soon as I find something interesting, definitely throw.

  12. manny wrote:

    I think some of the pictures made my grandfather. A very good idea of ​​using an old photograph.

  13. Rabinwien47 writes:

    Hello! nice postcards, I have two postcards from ŻYRARDÓW In 1898 RI 1899 roku.Super states and two beautiful postcards!

  14. Pajdowski writes:

    Beautiful photographs, wonderful views, unique perspective on our city. Amount of work which it certainly added, indisputably each Żyrardowianin appreciate.
    I greet

  15. Peter writes:

    Cool site, but this is no longer Zyrardów. No me some pictures st Okrzei of pastry Ms. Wasik / her cream puffs were better than the papal cream cake /, alleys to the station, but the idea of ​​the "old-new" very fajny.Gratuluje and ask for more

    • © Rem writes:

      Unfortunately I do not have any photos Okrzei. Maybe this year I can add a few other shots. Thank you for your comment.

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